Prayer points for 50 days fasting and prayer

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BIBLE TEXT(S): Gen1:26-28, Gen2: 18
Family is a social unit of two or more persons related by blood, marriage or
adoption. God is the originator of the family. The enemies are working tirelessly
to make sure our families are not at peace with God and fulfil the purpose of God.
1. Thank God Almighty for all the benefit your family has receive from Him.
Psa 103:1-2
2. Father, please let your spirit of unity reign in our families, in Jesus name.
Psa 133:1
3. Father, let every yoke of disunity and misunderstanding in our families be
broken now, in the name of Jesus. Isa 10:27
4. Father, please don’t ever allow your divine presence to depart from my family,
in Jesus name. Exo 33:15
5. Father, I break by the fire of Holy Ghost, every chains of afflictions in my
family, in Jesus name. Nah1:9
6. Lord Jesus, by the power of your resurrection, I dismantle every satanic altar
erected to other gods in past generations from my maternal and paternal side,
in Jesus name. Jug 6:25
7. Father, please don’t let any of my family member experience bitterness in their
lives, in Jesus name. Rut1:20
8. Father, visit the foundation of my family and destroy every spirit of hardship,
in Jesus name. Psa 11:3
9. Father, please let every battle of life that wants to destroy anyone in my
family, receive the judgment of death, in Jesus name. Ruth 1:21
10.Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus, I break any covenant made in my
blood line (lineage) with any other gods, in Jesus name. Isa 28:15
11.Father, please don’t let my family ever lack good things of life, in Jesus name.
12.Father, please trouble every troublers of my family, in Jesus name. Jos 7:25
13.Father, I break by the blood of Jesus any generational curse affecting my
family, in Jesus name. Jere31:29, Col.2:13-14, Lam5:7
14.Father, please bless all our family members with your divine health, in Jesus
name. Exo 23:25
15.Father, I cancel by the blood of Jesus any evil covenant affecting my family, in
Jesus name. Jer 31:29, Lam5:7

BIBLE TEXT(S) Psa 127:3-5, Eph 1:3, Jas 1:17.
Children are the heritage of the Lord; they are the hope of our future and the
home we build. Children also are spiritual blessing from God. They are a good and
perfect gift from the Almighty God. God is the original giver of children. They are
easy target of the enemy so we need to arise and pray to secure their life and
1. Thank God Almighty who is the giver of good and perfect gifts Jam1:17
2. Thank the good God for His grace upon you to release unto you, what money
cannot buy for free of charge, in Jesus name. Psa 127:1-3
3. Father, please don’t let any forces of darkness harm our children, in Jesus
name. Mat19:14
4. Father, please make our children mighty vessels in your hand, in Jesus name.
5. Father, please give parents divine wisdom to raise their children in your way,
in Jesus name. Prov 22:6
6. Father, we come against any hindrance that would stand in the way of our
children climbing to the top, in Jesus name. Mat19:14
7. Father, please destroy by the fire of Holy Ghost every snare of the enemy set
to trap our children, in Jesus name. Psa 124:7
8. Father, I command every evil plantation upon the life of our children, be rooted
OUT and be destroyed, in Jesus name. Mat15:13
9. Father, please arise and do a new thing in the life of our children, in Jesus
name. Isa 43:19
10.Father, please terminate any evil transfer from parents to their children, in
Jesus name. 1kings 21:28-29
11.Father, I decree that the power that stopped parents from fulfilling destiny will
not stop their children, in Jesus name. Jer 35:6-7
12.Father, please let my children possess the gates of their enemies, in Jesus
name. Psa 127:5
13.Father, I command the spirit of laziness to get out of the life of our children, in
Jesus name. Prov 6:9-10
14.Father, please let the joy of salvation enter into the lives of our children, in
Jesus name. Psa 51:12
15.Let us thank God specially for all our children in RCCG

BIBLE TEXT(S): Mat 19:3
Couple (Male and Female) in any marriage are two individuals with different
background coming together as one, hence, occasional differences is inevitable.
Submission to scriptural principles, however, keeps the relationship strong and
vibrant till the end.
1. Thank God for His faithfulness over every home that is maintaining their
marriages Gen 2:22-24
2. Thank God Almighty who is the originator of marriage in the garden of Eden
Gen 2:22-24
3. Father, please take away every spirit of barrenness in our lives Deut 7:15
4. Father, please uproot by the fire of Holy Ghost every seed of bareness in our
lives Mat 15
5. Father, every satanic covenant that is going against your covenant of blessing
in our marriage, I command the Holy Ghost fire to consume them Rev 20:19
6. Father, I come against every spirit of lack in my marriage to be destroyed now
2Cor 3:5
7. Father, please by your power reverse every evil curse place upon my marriage
by household enemies Prov 3:33-35
8. Father, I take authority over every outside influence that is polluting my
marriage Matt: 19:6
9. Father, I command every seed of separation that has been sown upon our
marriage be uprooted by the fire of Holy Ghost Matt 15:13
10.Father, consume by the fire of Holy Ghost every garment of strife and violence
that enemies have put on our marriage Matt12:16
11.Father, I decree every arrow shot to destabilize my marriage is broken into
pieces Isa 54:17
12.Father, break them into pieces every oppressor of joy and peace in my
marriage Psa 72:4
13.Father, please destroy every spirit of unforgiveness causing problems in our
marriage Matt 6:14-15
14.Father, I decree my marriage shall fulfill divine purposes in Jesus name.
Matt. 18:18
15.I speak peace, unity and love into my marriage in Jesus name. Job 22:28

BIBLE TEXT(S) Pro 20:29
Youth is the time of life when one is young. A time between childhood and
adulthood and the glory of young men is their strength. It’s a time that young
fellow need to travail in prayers to be able to achieve his destiny and live a
fulfilled life. Ecc. 12:1
1. Father, God, thank you for your unfailing love, blessings and goodness upon
our youths. Psa103:1-5
2. Father, please increase the faith of all our youths in you, in Jesus name.
Luk 17:5
3. Father, please guide and protect our young people from the path of destruction
and deliver them from the spirit of worldliness, in Jesus name. Psa 32:8
4. Father, please every battle acquired from birth that is affecting our youths, be
destroyed, in Jesus name. John 9:1-9,
5. Father, please endow all out youths with power from on high Luk2 4:49
6. Father, please as David defeated Goliath in his days let all our youths defeat
every Goliath assigned against them 1sam 17
7. Father, please satisfy the youths with good things of life Psa 103:5
8. Father, please destroy every spirit of weariness and tiredness in the life of our
youths. Isa 40:30
9. Father, please release your divine strength upon our youths, in Jesus name.
10.Father, please I retrieve back my glory from the hand of household and
territorial enemies, in Jesus name.
11.Father, please help our youths to obey and work for you at this young age, in
Jesus name. Lam 3:27
12.Father, please make our youths relevant in their generation, in Jesus name.
Psa 71:7
13.Father, please deliver all our youths from the hand of the wicked, the
unrighteous and cruel men of this world, in Jesus name. Psa 71:4
14.Father, please destroy every spirit of defilement among our youths, in Jesus
15.Father, please cloth all our youths with the garment of humility, in Jesus
name. 1Pe 5:5

BIBLE TEXT(S): Deut 28:12, Prov 6:6-11
Unemployment is one of the major problems we have in Several Nations of the
World, many students graduate from school with the hope of getting a good job
but are often disappointed and frustrated. People want to work but can’t find any
job. Those employed or running a business are not doing well, nothing to show
that you are gainfully employed.

1. Let us thank God for being alive, only the living can work.
2. Lord arise deliver our people from every power wasting opportunity in their
3. Oh Lord open my eyes and show me the secrets to make wealth, in Jesus
4. Father I refuse to serve those that are supposed to be serving me, in Jesus
5. Father connect me to those that can lift me up, in Jesus name.
6. You raised kingmakers for Uzziah, Oh Lord raise king makers for me and my
family (children name) in Jesus name.
7. Lord let every power making it difficult for me to get a good job be disgraced
out of my life in Jesus name.
8. Father I ask for a supernatural divine connection that is bigger than my age,
my family’s name, my qualification, in Jesus name.
9. You devil, in the name of Jesus, loose your grip over my career, destiny,
business, academics, qualifications in Jesus name.
10.Lord I refuse to be disqualified when I apply for any job in Jesus name.
11.Father, let your favour single me out for miraculous employment in Jesus
12.Holy Spirit, help me to remember all I have known at the interviews in Jesus
13.Holy Spirit, let my appearance, presentations etc., work for my favour in Jesus
14.Holy Spirit guide me to be well equipped for that good job you have reserved
for me in Jesus name.
15.Father, as you helped Joseph in the presence of Pharaoh, help me in the
presence of my employer in Jesus name

BIBLE TEXT(S): Gen 1:28, Joh 15:5
Productivity is one of the mandate God gave to His children. it is not negotiable;
it is a command. and if you are a true child of God all you need to do in order to
be productive is to abide in the Lord who gave the command.
1. Father, let the anointing for obedience and prosperity fall upon me as it was
with Abraham in Jesus name Gen. 24:35.
2. Father, please deliver me and my family from the spirit of nonproductive in the
name of Jesus Deut. 1:40-46.
3. Father, you are the source of productivity, l hide in you; help me to be
productive in my career in Jesus name.
4. Father, in my career help me to be faithful, for it is required of a steward to be
found faithful in Jesus name. 1 Cor. 4:2.
5. Father, help me to pursue my career according to your standard for the glory
of Your name in Jesus name Col. 3:17, 23.
6. Father, in all my career let me seek the kingdom of heaven first in the name of
Jesus. Matt. 6: 33.
7. Father, help me to abide in you at all-time never to allow anything to
disconnect me in Jesus name John. 15:5.
8. Father, in these evil days, please strengthen me to walk wisely making the
best use of my time in Jesus name. Phil 4:13, Eph. 1:5.
9. Father, in my career grant me wisdom so that my light will shine brighter and
brighter to the glory of Your Name in Jesus name. Dan 1:20, Matt. 5:16.
10.Father, as your hand was with Isaac let your hand be with me for favour in
Jesus name. Gen 26:2
11.Father, in my career help me to always have a positive influence on the
people in Jesus name.
12.Father, help me to always think of being a blessing to others in the name of
Jesus. Ep. 2:10.
13.Father, give me a heart that is committed to serve like Jesus, in Jesus name
Matt. 20:26-28.
14.Father, in my career help me to enjoy the fruit of my labour, may l not
disappear before my glory will appear in the name of Jesus. Ecc. 3:13.
15.Father, no matter how hard the situation, may I never quit or give up in
trusting in you in Jesus name Prov 24:10, 2 Chro. 15:7, Heb 10:38

BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa 28:1-6. Prov 22:6
God expect us as parents to train our children in the fear of God. in Psam127:3 –
the word of God says children are the heritage of the Lord. They are special to
the Almighty God.
1. Father, whatever sin in my life and family lineage that will want to affect my
children destiny, I repent of it today and let the blood of Jesus wash us clean
in the name of Jesus.
2. Father, please show your mercy upon all the children you have given me in
Jesus Name.
3. Father, the wisdom I need for me to train up my children in the fear of God, i
receive it in the name of Jesus. Prov 22:6
4. Father, plant your fear in the heart of all our children in the mission all over
the world Jesus name Psalm128:6.
5. Father, liberate all our children that are still under satanic influence that will
work against their destiny Obad 1:17, John8:.32
6. Father, restore to your church, the spirit of excellence in the lives of all our
children in RCCG. in Jesus name Joel2:25
7. Father every power assigned to destroy the destiny of our children be bound in
the name of Jesus Matt18v18
8. Father, bestow upon all our parents the grace to be a good example to our
children in the mirror of the word of God in Jesus Name.
9. Father, let all our children in the mission grow in the word of God in the name
of Jesus.
10.Father let there be agreement and love in all our homes in RCCG worldwide in
Jesus name Amos 3:3.
11.Father, let every arrow of disagreement fired into marriages in your Church go
back to sender in the name of Jesus
12.Father, every satanic power that have join hands together that our children
will never succeed in life be disappointed in the name of Jesus
13.Father, let there be divine separation from every lot that will not allow our
children fulfill destiny in the name of Jesus
14.Father establish the heart of all our children in your precepts in the name of
15.Lord Jesus please direct the path of our children to serve and please you.

BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa 11:3, 1Cor 3:11
How far a man will go in life depends on his foundation. Abraham was from a
family of unbelievers that is, idol worshippers but God called him out in Genesis
12:1 to walk before Him. The sure foundation of our life is Jesus Christ.
1. Father, I thank You for the family through which You brought me to this world.
2. Father I repent of every generational sin committed by my ancestors. Let the
blood of Jesus watch us clean in Jesus Name.
3. Father, please show me Your mercy and touch the foundation of my life with
Your hand of power in Jesus Name. Romans 9:15-16
4. Father, please visit my family with Your mercy in Jesus Name Lam. 3:22
5. Father, please break the stronghold of sin in my family lineage in Jesus Name.
6. Father, every curse upon my life as a result of my family background, let it
break in the name of Jesus. Joshua 6:26
7. Father, every tree of non-achievement in my family background let it be
uprooted by the fire of Holy Ghost in Jesus name. Matthew 13:25
8. Father, every foundational serpent that is operating against the glory of my
family, let it be destroyed in Jesus name. Isaiah 27:1-3
9. Father, every evil pattern of my father household that is about to manifest in
my life, break in the name of Jesus. John 4:18
10.Father, every idol claiming ownership over the foundation of my life be
destroyed in the name of Jesus. Acts 16:16.
11.Father, visit the foundation of my family and let our glory begin to shine in the
name of Jesus. 2Sam 22:16
12.Father, visit the foundation of all our parishes in RCCG worldwide in the name
of Jesus. Matthew 16:18
13.Father, visit the foundations of our nations and let Your glory begin to
manifest in the name of Jesus.
14.Lord Jesus, be the foundation of my life from now henceforth. 1Ki 7:10
15.Father, visit the foundation of my father’s household and let every error that
have attracted curses be wiped off by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
1Ki 16:34