Church Service Times



Sunday School (Adult) 10.20am

Sunday Celebration



Prayer Team - 6.30pm



Bible Study -- 7pm


1st Wednesday of the month

Holy Communion -- 7pm


Last Friday of the month

Prayer meeting "Solution Night"

The pastorate and the members of RCCG Solution Assembly welcome you to Newcastle upon Tyne as you have taken great step to better future. Studying in Newcastle is of a great value to you.

RCCG Solution Assembly congregation consists of both professional and students. To the glory of God we have excellent record of outstanding students in different career. The Church get involve in your career from your first day here.

All our students benefit from different events organised by the Church:

Newcastle Tour

International & Home Students' Freshers Day

Report / Dissertation writing skills and training.

Hearing and learning from talented professionals and recently graduated students is of great value to your career in Newcastle. You can visit our testimonial page to hear from students that have passed through the Church. We hope to see you and pray God will grant you special grace to stand out among outstanding students in Jesus name.